...will I ever fully understand the depth of Christ's love?

It’s Good Friday.  What’s so good about it?  It’s the day we remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  I first glance, it seems a bit antithetical and morbid to call a brutal death “good.”  But when you know what that death opened the door for…

You see, without the crucifixion, we don’t have the resurrection.  And without the resurrection, there’s no hope for a sinner like me.  No hope of restoration in my relationship with an almighty, holy God.  No hope of the abundant life in the midst of a fallen creation.  No hope of eternal life.  No hope…

But because of Christ, his humble death and his glorious resurrection–all of those things become “yes.”  YES.

It’s all so big, I can’t even get my head all the way around it.  But I don’t have to in order to know it’s real.  Because everyday I’m experiencing it–God’s nearness and mercy.  His encouragement.  His assurance that he’s sovereign, and that even when the world around me looks very, very dark–he’s got a plan, and it will be completed.

Good Friday.  I mean really, “good” was the best we could do?!?

You’ll appreciate this post more when I share with you that I typed the whole thing with Mario the Hamster walking around on my keyboard, standing on letters I really needed, and with Virginia saying, “OK, type THE END.  Alright, one more sentence.  Now type THE END…MOM!”